Day One…

New website, new blog…now I just have to figure out what to do with them.

I’m probably too young to be admitting this (for the record, I just turned thirty), but blogging is an entirely unexplored frontier for me. I don’t read other peoples’ blogs, haven’t ever done one of my own prior to this, etc., etc. Same with Twitter and I think I may check my Facebook account once a month or so. I’ve spent enough time flying airplanes to gravitate towards tech that is immediately useful. As in, pull back on stick, plane pitches up, and ain’t it great how a beautifully tuned piece of machinery responds. New nav tech makes me happiest. Anybody out there flying who actually misses NDB approaches to minimums in IMC?

I thought not.

Anyhow, tossing my ideas out into the internet seems significantly more nebulous than that. Which leads to the ‘why bother?’ part of the equation.

Couple of reasons, really.

First, it’s on the new authors checklist – right after signing the contract and immediately before (apparently) developing your own marketing firm to launch your work. And I’m all about checklists. And rules. If you were on the flight team with me, stop laughing. I’m sure there are some people on the planet who don’t know that about me. Somewhere.

Secondly, I’m curious. I have no idea how blogging/Twitter/Facebook relate to developing a readership and I’d like to find out if it makes any difference at all. Personally, I’ve never bought a book because of an author’s website. The books I buy are recommended to me by friends, because I liked the blurb when I was browsing, or I read something else by the author and wanted more. That said, I’m totally willing to admit that I would be the wrong person to e-market to.

So, on with the experiment…


11 thoughts on “Day One…

  1. I am working on this, too and will share what I learn. I actually have been reading a lot of blogs. I will send you a couple that I like if you want me to. Best of luck, Kate.

  2. Looks good so far. And I’m envious – I’ve been hoping to get a website up and running for several months now. Still hoping. Anyway, interesting photograph at the top of your blog. If I didn’t know better, I’d hazard a guess that it was taken underwater. Anyway, good luck!
    (SS Hampton, Sr., Musa author)

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